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transmission will not shift into reverse

  • 1979
  • 911 Turbo
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When I went to pull my 1979 911 Turbo out of the garage, it would not go into reverse. The shifter moves all the way over to the left and it feels like it's going into reverse, however, when I release the clutch the car only moves forward. I drove the car a couple of weeks before this occured, and I had no issues with the operation of the transmission. The vehicle has very low mileage, I have not tried to drive it in the forward gears because if something broke internally, I don't want it to damage any additionl parts. I also have a couple of additional questions

  • Is the spring for the reverse lock out located in the shifter assembly, or is it internal to the transmission ?
  • Is it possible that the shift rod coupler has slipped allowing only the forward gears to operate?

Best regards,

Rick Branka

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