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Treatment for water in fuel


Vehicle Information: Year: 1977; Body Type: Targa;

I just read your question and answer from 1-2-09 and I also have some questions.In past articles compiled in Up-Fixin, one solution is to drain the fuel tank and injection system(obviously to correct a serious problem). I am not having any problems at the moment but not knowing the whole history of this car and having no idea what could be in this tank, would you suggest this as a preventive measure ?In the same Up-Fixin, Vol. VI,page 112,Anderson in his reply said "that they had used Swepco 503, but that it's main purpose was to clean sulfur deposits off of the injector nozzles and it does help keep CIS car running". In the same volume but different article, page 94, again concerning moisture, they mention a product called Stabil, used by boat owners. My question, does either product remove moisture and which one would you recommend using ?Thanks

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