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Trunk Lid Badge "S" Replacement


Vehicle Information: Model: 993 C2S; Year: 1997; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 13,000;

1) I finally caught my washing mitt on the very cool "S" badge on the trunk lid & broke half of it off. Half still remains. I will order a new one from my dealer. This badge is held on by adhesive only. How can I get the remainder off without scraping or scratching the lid. I would guess that the warmer the surface is the more plyable the adhesive becomes? Maybe a hair dryer to the underside of the lid? Also what are the best products for applying the new one? Adhesive remover & adhesive. What brand?2) Lastly, areas of my wheelwells somehow (previous owner) appear to have warn off paint or undercoating and have a yellow appearance. I would like to make them black again. They seem to be plastic. I'm thinking of some kind of paint or black undercoating in a can, It is not a major cosmetic issue or I would have a pro handle it. If I can return it to black, it wouldn't be so eye catching. Any suggestions? Product? - Thank-you Tony

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