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Trying to figure out my new to me Bose CDR30 with PCM2.1

  • 2008
  • Cayman S
125 000
Electrical and Electronic
Forest Ranch, 

OK, I've tried searching. A lot. But I can't find the answers to a couple of questions and they don't seem to be addressed in the Owner's Manual either. The stereo manual itself either doesn't seem to be available, which I think is odd. Both my BMW and Jaguar came with printed separate manuals just for the stereo.

I have a 987.1 with the 680 Bose High End Sound Package, and the P23 PCM 2.1 w/ Extended Navigation

So, please provide me with some information.
There is a tray on the head unit that slides out and has a symbol inside that looks like an outline of a SD card, but neither a microSD or full size SD card seem to fit.

Also under the armrest there are two ports: one is "AUX" and the other is labeled "iPod". The iPod connection is a 8 Pin mini-DIN connector and before I go buy a cable I'd like to know if anybody uses this interface and what it's like (sound and interface). Can the AUX port be used with a mini MP3 player? If so, what's the sound quality and what's the interface like?


The tray is under the number keypad: long unlabeled oval.


Both images from the Web, not mine.


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