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Turbo Modifications


Vehicle Information: Year: 1987; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3L with Andial Intercooler and mechanical boost adjuster; Total Mileage: 130000;

Is there any way to find out what type of aftermarket turbo was installed in my car? I'm guessing it's an Andial Turbo since the rest of the plumbing is Andial and I was told it had an aftermarket turbo the last time i had it serviced.Does the turbo have to be measured? or a serial number perhaps to identify it? I like the way the boost stays on across the powerband and was wondering if current technology could improve upon it. Such as ball bearing turbos. Are they much better than the "Older Andial" or does it just lessen turbo lag. I've been hearing about how some Supras produce more power after being modified with them. Anybody have experiences with them? Especially on 911s.

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