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Model: C4 Cabrio, Year:2000, Mileage:40,000, Type of use:Street use only
Anyone have any suggestions on troubleshooting repeatedly blown fuses for the turn signals and hazard lights? I have a 2000 996 C4 Cabrio.About a month ago the turn signals went out completely. I checked the fuse diagram and replaced the 15A fuse, and everything worked fine again. Yesterday the same turn signal failure happened. I replaced the fuse like before, and it blew again as soon as I turned on the ignition. Obviously there's a short on that circuit somewhere.I'm a novice especially when it comes to electrical, so any insight is appreciated. If it's easy and I can fix it myself, then all the better. If it's a difficult process to troubleshoot I'd at least like to acquire enough knowledge to have an intelligent conversation with a mechanic. So what to try first?Thanks,Kendall

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