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Understanding 89, 964 Motronic DME and Bosch Hammer Tool interface


Vehicle Information: Year: 89; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 145,256;

I am the proud owner of the most Porsche 911 I can afford. It is a stock 1989 Carrera 4...(964) with 145,256 miles on the clock. I have owned this car a little over two years and sorted out many of the mechanical and cosmetic issues. I am a Do It Yourself (DIY) mechanic. That being said, I want to take the big leap and become self taught on my car's Motronic DME system and find a work around, or substitute for, the Bosch Hammer tool. How do these systems operate in my car? I want to be able to troubleshoot, conduct preventive maintenance and repair my 964 before I have any problems. Here is my multi part question; What is the best publication, book, guide, etc, that I can purchase to study the Motronic DME system in my 89, C-4? I do own the factory maintenance manuals for my car. How can I read my compter fault codes without the use of the Porsche Hammer tool made by Bosch? Is there a software program I can buy and plug my car into my home PC or a lap top computer to sort out, troubleshoot, issues? Is there an aftermarket device I can purchase to do the job of reading codes? I have taken the advice off-of the Rennlist boards and carry a spare DME relay. (I want to understand why). Can I read other fault codes about the Anti Locking Brake system, the Porsche Stability Management system, the Locking Servo Cylinder Actuators for the All Wheel Drive system? How can I bleed my high pressure brake system tied into the AWD, ABS, PSM, without using the Hammer electronic tool? How best can I accomplish my goal of troubleshooting, conducting preventative maintenance and understanding the electronics of my very early (Feb) 89, 964. If I can not get around using the Bosch Hammer...where can I buy one...and how much do they cost? Per our local dealer Porsche no longer sells / supports this outdated system? Nothing on E-BAY.

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