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Unusual oil burn 986s 01

  • 2001
  • Boxster S
111 000
North Carolina

Okay sudden burning of oil out the exhaust, no performance issue. I slowed down coming off the freeway via downshifting and a bit of brakes at the end, The freeway speed may or may not have been triple digits. Had to wait at the light for 2 minutes before the light turned green and I cut it loose for a HARD left (PSM off), did burp off the throttle a few times during the turn to maintain traction/control.

After the turn, I looked in the rear view mirror and it looked like the 3.2L was fogging for mosquitoes (oil smoke). No big speed after that, pulled into work with zero smoke and parked. After the car sat for 5 hours, I started it at lunch time, blue smoke poured out of the left exhaust nozzle for about 2 minutes, it cleared up after a couple of revs of the engine, now all is good. No problems since.


Air oil separator is 3 years old, oil is 0W30 M1. The engine has shown zero oil leak issues or consumption issues after replacing the spark plug tubes.


My question is if there is an engine issue I need to worry about/fix, or this was related to oil splash (stock oil pan) under EXTREME cornering, or another reason to replace the Air Oil Separator. Compression on all cylinders are within spec/near ideal.

I'll change oil tomorrow and make sure the mag drain plug is not covered in shards of metal.This car is used as a semi partial daily driver and AutoX.

Normal issue, air/oil separator, typical stock oil pan splash, or did I smoke the engine. NOTE: plugs check out fine.




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