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UPDATE - Problems with engine/check engine light


Model: Carrera, Year:2003, Mileage:5,450, Type of use:Street use only
UPDATE to question posted below around 1/22/13My car has been in the shop for the last 2 months now (in 3 months of ownership, I have physically had possession of it for less than three weeks!!!).Here are the notes from the shop: Found misfire on cylinder 5. Swapped coil, plug and wire, misfire did not move. Checked fuel trim, found abnormal readings on bank 2. Injected smoke into intake to test for vacuum leaks, found no leaks. Replaced crank vent valve and elbow due to internal leak. Vehicle still misfires. Scoped injector and coil primary circuit and found no abnormalities. Checked fuel pressure foud it with normal fuiel pressure reading.I just picked the car back up on Friday (3/14/14) as the service manager wanted me to run a few tanks of premium fuel through the vehicle. Drove the car 50 miles problems. Next morning, drove the car 40 miles round trip for errands, no problems. Later on, running short errands around town, check engine light would come on solid while sitting at the stop light and car would shake.....sometimes CEL would start flashing. Once got car up to road speed, CEL would maintain steady, or shut off altogether. Uggg.Coming in to work this morning, CEL came on flashing, went steady, shut off, then came on steady again. Car was fine at speed. Idled very hard at stoplights, and ran very rough accelerating out of stoplights. Before running errands over lunch, I checked the codes....P0305 - Misfire on 5th cylinder detected. Erased the code. Car ran fine while running errands.Any further thoughts or suggestions?Model: 911, Year:2003, Mileage:53,587, Type of use:Street use onlyTwo weeks ago, I became a first time Porsche owner when I bought my 2003 Carrera. It has been in the shop 3 times since then. The 'check engine' keeps coming on (solid, not blinking)- and the problem is always with the 5th cylinder. The first time I took it in, they replaced the unit that covers the spark plug as the old one was improperly installed and had broken in half. The car ran well for a few days, and the check engine light came on again. (They tested for compression, etc. and all measurements were normal.) This time they replaced the fuel injector. This morning, the check engine light came on again. Sitting at a stop light, rather than the smooth pur of the engine, the car was shaking pretty well, and the response out of the light was pretty choppy. So, back to the shop I went. Unfortunately, other than gas in the tank and air in the tires, I am only starting to learn about cars. For two weeks of ownership, having my car in the shop for 5 days of that time is getting frustrating. Any ideas, input, insight that anyone may have would be greatly appreciated. Joel Kuhl OregonJoel Kuhl [OR]1/22/2014 1:23:30 PMIt sounds like we need to get you to a shop that knows the 996 engine really well. There is a LOT to know to dianose this correctly, and it is NOT easy. The right shop will have the correct computer and software & cable to plug in and read out the fault codes, for starters. That is what we should be discussing. I don't know your region as well as your local club members will. Contact your local region elected officers if you don't know members around there with a similar model. If you are anywhere near Steve Weiner's Rennsport Systems or Jeff Gamroth's Rothsport, I would start there. Flat-bed the car if you must. Joel Reiser [UCR]1/23/2014 11:15:19 AM

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