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Vaseline in Brakes part II [with correction of phone number]


Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 44000;

Thanks for all the advice and questions. I have sent your response to the dealer to get answers.The car is with a Porsche Dealer (Porsche North Scottsdale) and I have lots of confidence in the mechanic.I was mistaken, they are first going to replace the master then the ABS pump, not control unit. Even more expensive! They state that the vaseline gunk got throughout the system. I would not be surprised if the brake fluid was never changed, despite the stamps.Unfortunately the original servicing dealer went out of business. So I don't have their records for the first 5 years.The frustrating part of this is that I just acquired the car. The previous dealer who said they did the services did the PPI and everything checked out fine. We suspected that I needed a new clutch, which is why I went to my current dealer. My currently dealer found that a 30K service was never done and found the brake problems. So my $2000 clutch (expected) became $3000 with the tune up and now could become $6000 if they have to do the major brake stuff! Car becomes less of a good deal. Thought I did my homework with the PPI! Oh well.The naughty dealer is ... [name withheld], CA.Thanks

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