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Vibration in Steering Wheel at Idle

  • 2013
  • Boxster S
41 000

Hi everyone,

I have a 2013 Porsche Boxster S with about 40,000 miles.  The car was running fine.  Even so, Porsche maintenace suggested a significant maintenance check at 40,000 miles which I did.  I am the original owner.

After the service, I notice a pronounced vibration in the steering wheel. I thought it was caused by the new tires (Pirelli P Zero) I also had installed.  The dealer re-balanced and load tested the tires.  One new tire was bad as evidenced by a load test. That tire was replaced and, again, the dealer re-balanced the tires.

The car's vibration in the steering wheel was greatly improved with the subsequent re-balancing of the tire when driving; however, a constant vibration exists on the steering wheel at idle.  I didn't notice it when the car was started when cold.  Running the car for a short time, turning it off, restarting it, and having the transmission in park, made the vibration in the steering wheel very noticeable.  

The dealer says that the car is in spec and cannot duplicate the problem. Oddly, two other non-Porsche service people have felt the vibration at idle that I have. And, I have driven the car for years and never felt this vibration.

At idle, putting my hand on the PDK stick, I can feel no vibration.  Putting my hands on the steering wheel, I can feel a lot of vibration.

My son has a 2015 Cayman. He started my car the day I picked it up from the service department at the Porsche dealership and noticed the vibration immediately. His Cayman does not exhibit a vibration in the steering wheel like my Boxster S.

I think I can rule out any problem with the tires/wheels as this condition exists without the car moving.

The steering wheel vibration at idle is felt on all the steering wheel components inside the passenger area of the car.  When I reach down the stock of the steering wheel, near the end of it, closest to the firewall, the vibration is not felt.

Any ideas or suggestions are most appreciated.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration,


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