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vicosity comments please


Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera 911 2D S.A. ; Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2L, mods; Total Mileage: 128K, top/bottom rebuild at 96K;

As to viscosities. What is you opinion as to the use of 40W vs. 50w for a daily driver, who ensures NO short trips..always taken to temp regardless of short 50 defree F runs for sure. I've just switched to Mobile 1, 15W50, spring/summer is coming. She's always run synthetic since the rebuild..Recent change to M1, actually reduced consumption, as well as leaks (ONLY valve covers). Oil itself MAY NOT be the ever-so-slight VC leak problem, we have valves adjustments Monday with associated NEW gaskets at proper torque, I should have a better baseline to gauge "consumtion" vs. leakage. Back to the question (your take) on using 40W vs. 50W? The manual shows identical temp ranges. However, I do understand many of the parameters (sheer, additives (both detergent and Z/P),..but given that all this equal,..back to the 40 - 50 W questions....AGAIN for a daily track stuff but driven quite hard, at times. Cam sprayers, soforth,..are there issues there with higher viscosities? Seems to be NOT the case as AMNY drivers use M1...just curious on your observations. As you know many are concerned about running the recc'd 0W40 in the older flat tappets...don't care what P-company has to say (frankly). Inanycase,...I welcome your observations..Thanks, in advance,My best,Doyle Sheppard

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