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Voltage Regulator ????


Vehicle Information: Year: 1988; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3 turbo 100% stock; Total Mileage: 41,000;

My 88 930 has been acting up lately...every so oftenthe tach will bounce up to 6-7k rpms while driving,(cruising 3k rpm's) when I let it idle down, the tach returns to normal. During this time, a voltage test at the battery reads17.9 volts. As soon as I put load on (headlights, blower ect...) it returns to 14.3 +-. The car has41,000 miles, I believe it to be the regulator, if soshould I repace just regulator or the alternatoras well ???? The car seems to have random pulse or surge while cruising, like its not getting enoughspark,Then it is.... this problem is very slight, only noticableto the driver, but is alway there. Could the high voltage have done damage???Thanks Allan Dodge

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