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voltage regulator or alternator

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Model: 993, Year:1995, Mileage:67000, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 1995 993 C4 Cab. My battery light has been coming on over the past couple weeks. I have left it on a trickle charger overnight, and other than the light coming on, I haven't had any problems until yesterday. While driving at highway speed, just about every light on the dash came on and then the car died about 30 seconds later. I had someone jump the battery, then it ran for a minute or so, and then died. I found another person to jump it, we left the cables connected for 10 minutes or so to get some energy in the battery, then the car ran for 30 minutes, and then died again. Once more, I found someone to jump it for 10 minutes, and I finally made it home. The battery light remains on. When I made it home, I began trouble shooting. I have a Shumacher battery charger and it has a feature where I can test the alternator output. The output is reading 0. I have charged the battery with the Shumacher, and it has taken the full charge. There is no squealing or noise coming from the engine compartment (i.e. the bearing in the alternator). The belts are in good shape. My questions are: 1. Does this sound like an alternator problem or voltage regulator? 2. What symptoms would I see if there was a problem with the voltage regulator? 3. Is there a way to test the altnernator versus the voltage regulator? 4. Are there any other likely suspects? Thank you...Scott

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