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Wastegate Spring


Vehicle Information: Year: 1987 Porsche 930 Turbo; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3l; Total Mileage: 100K;

I have a stock 1987 930 turbo and I have owned it for about a month. Is it normal for the wastegate to "Blubber" when opening, Or is it my exhaust system. It only does this under a moderate boost approximently .6 bar. I purchased a 1 bar spring and would like to install it but the wastegate cap is obviously under alot of tension and dont want to "Pop" the top and have unfamiliar hardware flying. Can you tell me where I can get a technical drawing or illustration of the components in assembly form. or could you tell me how to replace the spring. The vehical runs well but wont reach the .8 boost rate. I can imagine if the 1 bar spring would actually reach I bar on my boost gage I'm afraid the car would be seriously fast. Thanks

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