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Wedge Pin Lock Nut

  • 1973
  • 911T
99 000

I am wondering if I have the right lock nuts on the wedge pins that hold the front struts to the ball joints.  I replaced the wedge pins several years ago, and would have used whatever was recommended at the time - if I'd known what was really right to use.  I was under the car for another project the last few days and was checking torque values, rubber pieces, etc., when I noteced that the lock nut in questions seems different from what Stoddard shows as the stock part.  In the photo I took, you can see that there does appear to be a metal insert inside the nut.  OTOH, I cannot see a cut slit for the nut to deform, nor can I see the round ring that is shown on Stoddards photo of the stock part.

Am I ok?  Or should I replace the lock nuts?

BTW, my car has Boge struts with Bilstein inserts (not the original equpiment struts for 1973).  Let me know if I should Email the photos, as I recall you said you'd never used the pca site upload feature.  Thanks much. 

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