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What are the signs that my 2.7 engine M97 will show if it suffers from scored cylinders?

  • 2008
  • Cayman
70 000
Kissimmee , 



Hello my name is Alejandro and I’m new to the Porsche ownership. I own a 2008 base cayman with the M97 2.7 and my concern is a kinda knocking noise that develops from around 1800-3000 RPM when the engine has been driven for a period of time; in say stop and go traffic. Since getting the car with 64,000 miles I have changed the oil, filter, spark plugs, and air filter. I checked for metal and oil consumption and none was found. I’m due to change the oil once more at 72,XXX. in the latest issue of PANORAMA I read the article on the carrera that was purchased and how common signs of issues never showed up and was wondering if this is something normal or not. I also had the car on a lift idling after a 35 highway mile ride and did not hear any noise from the middle of the engine however heard valvetrain noise on either side which I think is normal. 

Hope this is good enough information for some tips. 

Thank you. 

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