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What is the dreaded RMS? Looking at a 996, oil in tailpipe


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 30,000;

Question entered by Joel Reiser, from email>I reside in The Bahamas. I was recently looking to purchase a used 1999 porsche 911 carrera and was looking at info that I found on PCA.I have a few questions that you can probably help me with.What is the dreaded RMS?The 911 I am interested in, initially had an overheating problem and was abused by its owner. At present the car is spitting out oil from the exhaust so much that their is a residue on the body and when the car is stopped the oil drips out of the exhaust. The oil is also milky. The car still runs and drives and the motor has power.I am no expert but I know that this is probably a bad sign.The car is in immaculate condition with about 30,000 miles. I am not familar with Porsche and will probably have to send it back to a dealer in the US. Hopefully, you can advise me in the pros and cons and whether it would be more practical to purchase a porsche from a reputable dealer in the US. Thanks in advance for your help

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