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What is the effect of mixing Pentosin with Wilwood DOT3 570 brake fluid?

  • 1996
  • 911 Turbo

My son gave me a newly restored 1971 911, powered by a 1996 993 TT engine and G50 transmission.  The "restorer" installed a Tilton brake/hydraulic clutch reservoir.  I haven't driven this car much because I've spent a year and a half fixing the mistakes made by the restorer.  Last week I noticed that there is no fluid in the hydraulic clutch reservoir.  The restorer did away with the pressure accumulator and, apparently, the pump, as I cannot find either one on the transmission/engine.  There is no power steering.  The restorer said he filled the hydraulic clutch reservoir with Wilwood DOT 3 high temp 570 brake fluid.  The workshop manual says use nothing but Pentosin CHF 11S, and "Pentosin must never be mixed with other service fluids (brake...)."  The TT was, of course, used, and therefore the clutch assembly was probably filled with Pentosin for the first part of its life.

I find no leaks in the hydraulic clutch system, so where is the fluid going?  My "paint the devil on the wall" guess is that the Wilwood brake fluid ruined the seals in the boost valve, and the fluid has leaked into some part of the transmission/clutch assembly.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ed Anderson

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