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What fuel to use on a 1961 356b super

Fuel System

Model: 356b , Year:1961, Mileage:9000, Type of use:Street use only. I have a Porsche that only has 9000 miles on it. 1) What type or grade of gasoline should I use on this 1961 356b Porsche Super (has ? Please add any comments that you think are appropriate.2) Another thing is that all gasoline in my state (Oregon) is mandated to have 10% ethanol. What precautions do I have to take, if any, in terms of the engine performance? Someone suggested adding tetraethyl lead, but that is no longer available in this country. Also what should be done about long term storage of gasoline/ethanol in the tank? What could or should be done to prevent rust etc? I am not even sure if the carburetor parts or others in the fuel system of this old classic are resistant to ethanol.3) Do have a ballpark figure on what a vehicle like this is worth?

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