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What fuse is the license plate light on

  • 2004
  • 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet
65 000
Electrical and Electronic

I recently purchased a 2004 4S.  I noticed the license plate lights were both out.  I put in new bulbs both the old ones were toast.  However, the new bulbs still did not illuninate.  Next up the multimeter and there is no voltage at either light.  I looked on the fuse diagram and the only place listing the license plate lighting is spot A7 (canada.)  In my car A7 is empty and it is a dummy fuse spot.  All the rest of the lights seem to be working.  Doese anyone know which fuse controls these lights?  I could understand one side having a faulty wire but not both.  It appears It will take a full bumper removal to get to the wires if it is not a fuse.  

Normally, I would not care but in TX that is required equipment to pass the state inspection.


Thank you in advance.



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