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What the heck is it? Mystery 1968 911S with a 2.4 liter? HUH??

  • 2007
  • 911 Carrera
14 000

My friend has what he claims is a 1968 911S coupe and is looking to sell it.  It's a mess, complete rust bucket (I took some photos for him and will post it in the classifieds).  But here is the "problem".  First, he claims he bought it 20 years ago from the original seller who allegedly brought it over from Europe.  The VIN number is 11830209 (see photo), but the bonnet cover has a "2.4" liter badge on it.  In my reasearch on VINs, it appears that this is indeed a 1968 model year 911S.  But it should have the 2.0 lilter motor as the 2.4 wasn't introduced until 1972.  So what the heck is this thing?  I asked my friend if perhaps (a) the rear end had been in a shunt and a later model bonnet cover was used to replace the original, or (b) the engine was swapped out at some point for a 2.4 motor.  He says he has no idea about the swap but is pretty certain the rear was never hit, and when I looked at it the bonnet latch panel appears original with no wrinkles to suggest it was straightened after a shunt.  It's clearly not a 1972 as it does not have the external oil flap door.  Further, it does not have the S front valance panel with the integrated spoiler lip (I owned a 1971 T and I actually added an S front valance with the small spoiler), so I'm not even sure it's an S.  Plus the headlamps have the US bezels, not the European bezels.  The wheels are steelies not Fuchs alloy.  I can go on and on, but you get the picture.  And, no, I regrettably did not get down to look at the engine number - that would be my next step if it confirms as a 1968.  So the question is - what the heck is it???

Thanks in advance,


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