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What is offset?

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Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2S, Dansk headers, cats and muffler; Total Mileage: 60k; Transmission: Manual;

Dear sirs,I recently purchased a set of extra 18 inch Turbo Twist rims for my 2001 Boxster S for DE's and I'm planning to purchase some Dunlop SP Super Sport Race tires (grippy and more affordabel than Michelin Pilot Sport Cups). The size of the rear rims I purchased is 10Jx18H2 ET 52. According to the owners manual, the stock rear rims are 9Jx18H2 offset 52mm. I understand from earlier messages that I should have no problems fitting the rears and that I only need a clip for the e-brake cable.Front size of the newy purchased rims is 8,5Jx18H2 offset is 47mm and I'm planning to fit 235/40/18 tires in an effort to reduce understeer. Stock front size is 7,5Jx18H2 offset is 50mm with 225/40/18 tires.The offset on the rears is the same as stock (52mm) but the offset on the front is different (stock is 50mm, new rims are 47mm). Consequently, I have two questions:1. what is offset exactly?2. can I fit the front rims without spacers?3. do you have additional views regarding the reduction of understeer on the Boxster SThank you and kind regards,Pieter van Lelyveld

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