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What would cause 1988 Porsche 944 read >16DCV at battery

  • 1988
  • 944S
120 000
South Carolina

Hi PCA members, 
    My 1988 944's tachometer started fluctuating between 12 and 16+ dcv, now it is constantly staying at 16+ dcv. I checked the voltage at the battery with a volt meter while it was running and it was consistant with the tachometer; reading over 16 dcv. When I turned on the headlights (on high beam) and the fog lights, the voltage drops only down to 16 dcv. When turning on the a/c, the belt squeals and the voltage is still 16 dcv with headlights on.  My first thought is that it must be having a faulty voltage regulator. But I'm uncertain if this year model has a seperate voltage regulator or is it built into the alternator? Am I on the right track in solving this high voltage problem? and, If so, which of the 2 parts will I need to fix it? Thanks, WTSA

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