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Wheel fit for Cayman 718

  • 2017
  • Cayman S
1 800
Wheels and Tires

I just bought a 718 Cayman S.  It came with 20" wheels (8" wide in front and 10" wide in rear.)  Friends and enthusiasts are telling me I need to get a second set of wheels to be able to have tires for the track and tires for everyday and winter.  I found a set on the PCA classifieds but the rear wheels are 11" rims.  My car came with 10" rims.   Does anyone know if I can put the 11" rims on my car?  The offset is different so it seems most of the extra inch will be inward, not outward.  It looks like there is enough clearance of all the "stuff" on the inside of the wheel for an extra inch but I'm afraid to buy the set and then find out the rear wheels won't fit.  

Thanks to anyone who can answer this for me.


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