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Wheel Rub on Cornering


Model: 944 Turbo, Year:1987, Mileage:79000, Type of use:Street use only
I am experiencing wheel rub on a hard right turn in the left wheel well. The tire is rubbing on the fender edge. I have experienced this occasionally during hard street driving and repeatedly this weekend during spirited mountain driving. I have stock size 205/55-16 on front (Michelin Pilot Sport) and the rub occurred used both the 7X16 flats and now 7X16 C2s . The problem has occurred with an average sized (180 pound) front seat passenger under hard left cornering. The best I can tell the car has never been hit and it is well maintained. I have replaced the lower a-arms with stock Porsche and upgraded to Koni sports. All of the sway bar bushing were replaced 3 years ago. The upper strut bushing is in good condition. What is my next step to correct? Thanks.

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