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Wheel size compared to flare width

Vehicle Information: Model: 911T; Year: 1973; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.7; Total Mileage: 88.000;

I checked previous Q/As and my question seems to have been asked a 100 ways but always slightly different so here goes. My 911T has 7x15 wheels with 205 tires on the front and 8x15 with 205 tires on the back. I want to flare the rear wheel wells to give it a more aggressive look. What width rear flare modification is appropriate for my rear wheel size. I have heard that 7" is stock. Going to 8" will provide little visual difference so I am not interested in that. I don't mind changing the rear tires but the Fuchs wheels have been beautifully restored by the previous owner and I am reluctant to replace them. Also please comment on options to space out the wheels and how much. Does this affect suspension?I also want to know about flaring options; steel flares, fiberglass flares or cutting wedges in the existing quarter panels but I will ask that question under "body". If you want to comment I would like to hear your answer as well.Thanks

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