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When is a car considered to have been “tracked”?

  • 2008
  • Cayman S
64 000

I know that when buying a sports car, many buyers want to know, and have concerns whether a vehicle has been “tracked” or not. My car has never been on a track, partly because I want to be able to honestly tell a future buyer that it has never been “tracked”. But I would be very interested in taking a HPDE class, not for racing purposes, but to become a better driver. Would participation in an HPDE class through the PCA be considered “tracking” a car?. I have participated in numerous motorcycle safety courses involving entire weekends on a track...again, not to race, but to learn about the bike and it's handling in a safe environment. The motorcycle was never damaged or hurt, and it had no idea it was on a track, but I always walked away a much better rider. Thank you

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