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When I signal a right turn, all four turn signals come on, but a signal to the left works correctly.

  • 1972
  • 911T Targa
57 500
Vancouver Canada / La Quinta Ca, 
British Columbia

Hi Ed: When I signal a turn to the left, the signals function correctly. However when I signal to the right, all four turn signals flash, but the indicator on the dash does not signal. (Also the four way flasher indicator light doesn't signal.) The lights seem to function normally otherwise. The four way flashers work correctly, and with the ignition switch off, the parking lights will come on with the turn signal switch for either the right or left side. All lights seem to be the normal brightness. The malfunction is the same regardless of whether the headlights are on or not. Have you encountered this problem? I will go and check grounds tomorrow, but I am thinking that the problem may be in the turn signal switch itself as this would seem to be the common connection between the signals on the two sides (except for the four way flashers which seem to function normall). 



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