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Where can I find a comprehensive list of the available options offered on the 2008 Boxster S RS60 Spyder along with the costs for each option?

  • 2008
  • Boxster S
40 000

Hello PCA 'Friends'

I just purchased my first Porsche (2008 Boxster S RS60 Spyder) and I am getting familiar with its features and funstions.

I would really like to find out all the options (and pricing) that were available for this model in 2008, but I'm not sure where to look?

I've tried the internet and that only seems to mention a few of the available options and nothing is priced?

I would also like to know of the approximately 800 that Porsche brought into the U.S., how mnay were Manuals and how many were Tiptronics?

If possible, it would be interesting to know how may were ordered with the Red/Red (interior/top) and the Grey/ Black (interior/top) color combinations.

Thanks in advance for any help and I hope this finds evryone well and looking forward to the various events around the country celebrating 70 years of accomplishments.

Best regards,

Jim Gray

Jim Gray Designs


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