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Where can I get an Alternator in a hurry?

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Model: Carrera Coupe, Year:1987, Mileage:85k, Type of use:Street use only
I am in desperate need of help. I just purchased an 85k mile 1987 coupe near Ocala, Florida, and was in the process of driving it home to Seattle.I made it almost to the Georgia state line on my way to Road Atlanta for the Petit Le Mans. The alternator light is flickering and the voltage dropped to the point the engine began bucking.I limped into a gas station where I await a tow. I have checked belt tension on the alternator, connections at the battery, all look good. It has an Ultima red top of unknow age, the PO says it was in the car when he bought it. The PO also says the fan belt failed last year and was replaced.I am hoping its an old flat battery but the PO has not had issues, but has also not tried such a long sustained drive in some time.I will start with a new battery tomorrow, but most likely will be looking for an alternator. On Friday. I am in Live Oak Florida, about an hour and half west of Jacksonville. ANy pointers on where I might find an alternator I can field install myself, or better yet, someone I can write a check to do it for me (its been a long trip so far, and its just started.)I am trying to salvage the remainder of what I had hoped would be an adventure, but not of this sort.Thanks in advance for any help,Leo

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