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where in NYC can I get help with immobiliser issues

  • 2001
  • Boxster
115 000
Electrical and Electronic
New York


Hello to all in the audience an happy motoring to you all.

The immobiliser in my vehicle appears to be malfunctioning or not functioning at all. It is a '01 Base 2.7L model with 110K + miles on it.

In the last 5 days it has done a few abnormal things. Failure to open trunks, while driving this week every time the vehicle dipped forward under braking the windows close or the front trunk latch is released. So as I type this for the second time in 100 hours the car is not starting. The 1st time this happened the nothing in the car lit up. I tried the car 4 hours later with the flatbed in hand ready to tow and miraculously the security light was blinking and the engine turned on. Now the dashtop/window security led is dim or not on, turning the ignition switch all lights on dash (everything) light up but engine does not start. Lastly, before this bluescreen popped up I left the windows down to dry out floor, hours later i closed the windows(no problem there) but still no engine power. Trying to evaluate the situation further (blindly) I armed the alarm system, (I think I saw window led blinking correctly after doing so) and then tried to unarm it. After I opened the door and entered the car the alarm went off and is/was going till the battery dies(btt this is posted).

One last declaration- I am the 3rd owner and I purchased the vehicle with only one key which had no remote capabilities. So reprogramming the key was on the to do list but wasn't urgent, obviously this has changed and is top tier critical now.

I am in Bk NYC and need to know where to turn to correct this. Is a dealership the only recourse or are there independents that can fix these issues? I can travel up to 500 miles(say MA to NC. Thanks in advance.

Also as I finally have need to break cover, I'd like to thank: HAGANS MOTORPOOL of N.H.; GERMAN AUTO REPAIR in Amittyville LI NY; BAY DIAGNOSTIC of BK NYC; ROJO AUTO COLLISION of BK NYC; PELICAN PARTS; and to the Mobil gas station on coney island & Caton Aves. in BK NYC and some who were not mentioned

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