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Whistling noise 2003 996TT


Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Engine (Size, Modifications): X50, ECU reprogram; Total Mileage: 28,000;

My car has started whistling at high boost and so I had the dealer change out the diverter valves to more robust springs as I have read one should do after an ECU reprogram (dealer performed reprogram and valve change). The whistling has improved slightly but persists under high boost. My worry is that since I am operating with stock turbos and I now can reach 1.2 bar boost, could this be my turbos or other engine part? Also, if my digital display reads 1.2 bar, is this reaching the cylinders or are the diverter valves venting this off and therefore generating the noise? Where is the pressure reading sensed, manifolds or at the turbo's exhaust or is it all the same? What is the maximum "safe" boost for the X50 upgraded engine with stock turbos?Also, is there some source where one can find out how many of similar equiped cars as mine were imported in 2003 (ie X50 upgrade, PCCB brakes, slate grey metalic, black full supple leather, manual transmission)? I have always been curious.Car Use: Street & Track

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