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White smoke, lost compression in 2 cylinders


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5L; Total Mileage: 105,000;

Six weeks ago I started my Boxster and had huge cloud of white smoke. I had the car transported to a dealer for service. The first diagnosis was a loose oil separator and a damaged catalytic converter. (They also performed a compression check, no problem was communicated to me) On startup apparently there was still white smoke. The service manager said they would drive the car to burn off the oil from the exhaust system.Apparently this did not work. They then found that the oil separator was not properly fixed. It was still loose or damaged and was replaced. There was still white smoke, however the car was running fine. The service manager said they would drive the car the next day to burn off the oil. After no word from the dealer I made a visit and was informed that they had done another compression test. The results were that two cylinders in one bank had no compression and that I needed a new engine.It is a 99 2.5L with 105K miles. All scheduled maintenance has been performed at an authorized dealer. I was scheduled for the 105K maintenance within a week. I do not run the car hard, no track or DE. I have the original clutch. The majority of miles are from a highway commute.My questions are: 1) Does the white smoke indicate oil or water? 2) Does the motor need to be replaced or can it be repair? 3) If repaired, what is the most likely item needing repair, rings, valves, other? 4) Could this be related to the sleeve issue? 5) If related to the sleeve issue, what is Porsches likely response? 6) What is the life expectancy for these motors?Thanks,Duane

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