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Why are PCA events so outside the reach of regular working people?

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This isn't really a technical question, it is, in fact more an organizational question.

I've attended zero events in my region for two reasons.

#1, they are primarily of no interest to me. Not a Wine fan.

#2, the times of cars and coffee events are ludicrous. Those of us who work for a living can't simply take the day off to go buy a bad coffee.

It would be great if our leadership were real working people instead of lawyers and politicians with other people's money to burn. My Porsche

with all of her flaws, is a vehicle I've spent 40+ years waiting to be able to aquire.  My nearest Porsche dealer is just shy of 50 miles away. That's roughly

45 minutes each way and with fuel prices today, not reasonable.  Why are there no events local to me? My county includes not only the foothills but also

the national park. Why the heck should I torture my 17 year old vehicle driving through lush as in drunkard country, when we have lakes and wonderful twisty

mountain roads within 20 miles? The "Sierra" group is not, the sierra group. They are the Fresno group.


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