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Why does the car ask for the tire diameter and winter vs. summer when resetting TPMS?

  • 2011
  • Boxster
Wheels and Tires

When a new set of tires/wheels are installed, it is necessary to go into the car's computer to tell it to re-learn or reset the TPMS sensors.  When going through the menu to do this, it asks what diameter wheel you are using (in my case, 17, 18, or 19 inch) and whether the car has summer or winter tires.  What does the car do with this information?  The overall wheel diameter is very nearly constant regardless of which of these wheel sizes are used (since the tire profile goes up as the wheel diameter goes down).  Do the responses to these questions impact the car's performance in any way?  I would have expected that the TPMS would report the same pressure regardless of what wheel and tire it is mounted inside.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

New Jersey
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