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wily check engine light problem


Model: boxter, Year:2000, Mileage:69K, Type of use:Street use only
Short version-cel for secondary air (P0410, P0411), cleaned exhaust manifolds, engine surging, cel for oxygen sensors, changed oxygen sensors, car smoking at startup, cel for secondary air, changed air/oil separator, cel for secondary air, changed vacuum canister, o2 sensors not working, cel on again.Long version-cel came on in the car. No other symptoms.Relevant excerpt from the report from the first shop-Codes 0410, 0411-Air injection system was working but appreared to be blocked. Removed exhaust manifold to clear passages. Cel for O2 sensors. Inspection revealed slow action. Replaced O2 sensors and cleaned throttle body. Codes 0411, 0411 again. System does not run on short test. Short test will not run because air mass meter is out of range, reading 19 kg of air at idle and the bank 2 catalytic converter is not working properly. Also fuel adaptation is out of range at 4.5% indicating a vacuum leak. Since none can be found air/oil separator is suspect. Aos likely cause for smoking at start up.Relevant excerpt from second shop-Replaced AOS. (cel light on again)...Has secondary air fault bank 1 and 2...replaced vacuum canister...vehicle now runs rough, oxygen sensors are not functioning correctly (Oxygen sensor module found to be working.) Any insights?

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