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window lowers when handle is pulled, then raises up immediately

  • 2001
  • Boxster S
90 000

First off, I really did review the already published answers to this problem, but need more help.

I replaced the window regulator on my car because the cable was stretched and the window was not lowering the complete 12 mm when I would pull on the handle to open the door.  Otherwise the system worked:  pull the handle, window drops slightly and stays there until the door is closed again.  I think that I have the new regulator adjusted properly.  With the window lowered I can close the door and raise the window for a nice, tight fit.  I think that I properly “initialized” the system by pressing on the window “up” switch for 5+ seconds with the window fully closed.  However, I now have a new problem.  If I open the door when the window is fully closed the microswitch activates and lowers the glass the 12 mm as it should, but as soon as I let go of the handle (either inside or outside of the car) the glass returns to the full up position so that I can’t properly close the door.  I did not touch any of the wiring or mechanical connections to the outside door handle when I replaced the regulator.  I did disconnect two wires to the inside door handle, but the connectors are designed so that it is impossible to mix up those connections.  Both of those connections are tight now.  It seems much more likely to me that I did something stupid than the microswitch(es) just coincidentally took this time to expire.  I don’t see how any of the mechanical adjustments to the regulator could have possibly affected the micro-switch(es).  Your thoughts, please?


Gordon Hollingsworth

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