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window microswitches for up/down when door opens/closes

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Model: 911 cab, Year:2002, Mileage:40K, Type of use:Street use only
Hello all, first time visitor here. I have a common (it seems) problem - my pass window on my 2002 911 cab no longer dropped as customary when door was opened, which wasn't a big deal when opening, but a REALLY big deal when closing. As a gal with a great ear, I could hear that it wasn't working before I saw it.. strikes the soft top assmbly and that can't be good (trying some humor here)... I don't want to experience the exploding window as I have read here in past posts.So, since I hear 99% of the time, its the motor (with the micro switch on it- luck me, my year) I purchased a new one oem from the dealer through my body guy. He was doing some paint refreshing and replaced the motor, all seemed well. Then (after all the rain we are getting here... not sure any of this is related, just want to be thorough)... not working RELIABLY any longer. Sometimes it drops a little, which clears, sometimes not - seems to drop less than driver side.I am lucky to have an intrepid and seasoned lay mechainic as a neighbor and we are game to remove the door panels and check things out. Am I way crazy? Can anyone give me some workable tests, ideas? The regulator seems to be perfectly fine, operates flawlessly on auto up, down, top up, down, and every way inbetween. No crankiness or failures.Thank you for your help, I look forward to attending my first meeting or event soon.Linda

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