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Windows sunroof alarm


Vehicle Information: Year: 1991; Engine (size, modifications): GT; Total Mileage: 67823; Transmission type: Manual;

When opening or closing drivers window the sunroof also operates and vs/vs when operating the sunroof. Passenger window seems un-effected. Also when closing the windows, sunroof using the door lock, the passenger window goes up then both sunroof and drivers close about 30% and stop. Then neither will close using key. Yet both will close using interior buttons and alarm seems to arm and operate without problem. I have unplugged the interior sunroof switch and it still operates with the drivers window. Also the driver's window will not automatically go down unless switch is held continuously and pauses 30% on the way down or up until interior switch is re-pressed. I have not tried holding the car under water until the bubbles have stop, yet.

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