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Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 1968; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.0 Stock; Total Mileage: Totally Restored, 500 Miles;

In researching questions about installing/removing windshield and rear window, I couldn't find an exact answer to this question in the files:I have my original windshield and rear window, tinted, from the factory pick-up in March 1968. There are pits, but no cracks.I purchased seals from a prominent California supplier - Performance Products - for both glass pieces. The rubber is substantial, and embraces the frame well IF the trim pieces are not included. However, the trim pieces spoil the fit if they are included. More importantly, I did not want to put stress on either glass piece by forcing a fit with the trim pieces included. So, I installed the glass using the rubber only, omitting the trim.The trim pieces have been kept in good condition, and I would like to eventually install them with new rubber. But I am afraid of breaking the glass trying.My questions are:*Should I try to install the trim on this precious old grass and risk breakage (especially the rare rear piece)? Where should I order rubber confidently that will accommodate trim without wasting my time and money on the project, and possibly losing the glass?*Do you see a risk that the glass could pop out at high speeds without the trim - especially the air over the rear piece? I have gone 95 mph, and nothing happened. Normally I keep domestic speed limits, however.*Do you think the trim is a cosmetic essential that I should try to get onboard the car no matter what??Thank you Ed, very much.Steve Henninger, Cocoa, FL

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