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Windshield washer system flush

  • 2002
  • 911 Carrera
57 000
Kelowna, , 
British Columbia

Hello Joel,

I’m almost too embarrassed to discuss this issue, but undoubtedly could use your wisdom.  I did check the web site and didn’t find anybody as inept as me published.

I undertook to do a brake fluid flush, which I have done several times before on other vehicles and my 996.  I attached the pressure bleeder to the windshield washer tank filler in error.  I didn’t realize this immediately.   The bleeder wouldn’t hold pressure and I ended up with washer fluid and brake fluid on the floor.  Fortunately there was no paint damage.  I figured I had just not tightened the pressure device sufficiently.  Given I had lost a substantial amount fluid and didn’t have enough to continue (thankfully), I terminated the operation.   It was a couple of days later that I operated my windshield washers to discover brake fluid on my windshield!

Can you give me any suggestions as to how to most easily purge the brake fluid from the washer fluid system?

Talk about feeling like a dummy!

I genuinely appreciate all the assitance you have given me over the years.



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