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Winter Storage


Model: 996 C2, Year:2002, Mileage:30,000, Type of use:Street use only
Hello Joel,I have checked previous questions and cant really find response to my queries. I am about to winterize my car for storage until the spring. I am doing a brake fluid flush (2 years since last one) and an engine oil change. 1.Can I use the large aluminum cross member located between the engine and transmission to jack the rear of the car. I want to get all 4 wheels off the ground at the same time.2.How much brake fluid should I expect to flush thorough the system to get a complete flush. (I presume a complete change is what is desired.)3.I have stored the car for the last 4 winters. In two cases I left the car untouched for the 5 months of storage. In the other two cases I have fired it up monthly and warmed it up as best I could and drove it about a mile to the end of our road. While it did warm up it did not get complete to operating temperature although it got close. (These cars are hard to get warm unless you really drive them.)In the years I did periodically started the car, I noted that the rear main seal, which tends to weep, did so but not enough to leave drops on the ground. In the years I did not run the car I seemed to get oil spots on the ground for much of the year until it had been run for several months at least. My question is, do you recommend these monthly start ups or just leave it alone for the winter. Also if I do start it periodically should I again change the oil out in the spring? Thank you again for all your work helping all us club members. It truly is appreciated, especially by myself who lives in an area with no Porsche relevant tech support available.

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