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wiring of tach, oil pressure, & oil temp.


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 E; Year: 1968; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 1968 911E 2.0 liters stock; Total Mileage: 0;

You responded to my 8-21-05 e-mail and said I might be mixing and matching parts. You are probably right. When I picked up my engine from the meechanic, he said "Here, take this board with the ignition trigering unit and volt. reg. It will work fine." First I will list what is on the board which is located on the driver's side in the engine compartment that he gave me: Ign. trig. unit Bosch 0-227-200-008; next a rectanglular box with these numbers, 911.615. 115.00 96/15-1-12v 5HA001868-01; it has 6 numbered plugs 30 87 87a 86 31 86a. The next item on the same board is a round black cylinder with 5 plugs. On the top are the numbers 21131 12v 911.615.109.01 made in Germany. The following numbers are on the 5 plugs: 30 86 87 87a 85. The last item on the board is a silver cylinder, 2" x 3/4" grounded on one end and a red and brown wire on the other end. In a small square are the 3 letters NOE, and underneath it reads: ELKO r??n 11A (it's scratched up and hard to read) DIN 41332 z 200 Mr D-10/+50% EY 340/2 9.75 W.Germany. The tach is a VDO 0 to 8000rpm, red line @ 6800 to 7000. On the back of the tach are these numbers and letters: 12v/240001 mp. 6 Zyl./4 Tkt. Stamped in blue ink is the capital letter T, and in a pyramid are the numbers 225 9.68. The oil pressure and temperature gauge is a VDO. The oil pressure is from 0 to 140. The oil temperature is from 120 to 300. On the back of the gauge are 4 connector posts, 2 with positive and 2 with G. Stamped with blue ink is a T and in a pyramid the numbers 35 10.69. The mechanic gave a set of specific instructions to break in the engine, and I can't do it without the gauges working. Well, Ed, that's what I got. Help!!!!!! Thanks, Bob

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