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won't start


Model: 993, Year:1995, Mileage:67800, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 95 C2 (993) that decided to NOT START. The engine turns over perfectly but will not catchthere is no sputtering or any signs of ignition. The battery is fine (I had a similar issue a couple years ago where the engine turned over okay but the battery just wasnt putting in enough CCAs to provide adequate fire to the dual distributers new battery and she fired right up) and I am getting spark to both distributers.This is odd; after trying to start it several times, I noticed the fuel gauge was resting below ¼ tank. I typically keep it above the ½ tick. Just for sh**s and grins I added a little gasoline (maybe 1 gallon) to the tank and it started right up. Yes!! I suspected the gauge was erroneous and the car was simply out of gas (or so I hoped). I immediately proceeded to the local Exxon and pumped in 5+ gallons of premium. The gauge moved accordingly and I drove the car for about 10-12 miles without any signs of trouble. I parked the car and thought nothing more about it for 2-weekswhen I tried to start it again. Its doing the same exact thing. It just will not catch. I suspect it is fuel related but Im not sure where to begin troubleshooting. I do some basic mechanic work but the local Porsche gurus typically get my business. Of course now that the car will not start so I may need to roll-back (sigh!) if I cant it sorted out. Is spraying some starter fluid in/past the air-filter a good idea..???Any advice is greatly appreciated. Many Thanks,Mark (

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