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Would buying a 993 be a mistake? Should I wait for the Boxster Coupe?

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Vehicle Information: Year: all; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: yes;

Dear Mr. Reiser:I am a member of the Golden Gate Region of the PCA, and I read with great interest your comments regarding the 993 engine in the October issue of Porsche Panorama.I have been looking for a 993 for some time now and I was under the impression that I had researched my prospective future purchase in detail. It was down to a 1996 "T" Program car, or a 1997-1998 "narrow body" coupe.It surprised me very much to find out about the valve guide problem. Does this affect the majority of 993 models, from all years of production? How much would it cost to rebuild a 993 engine to correct this type of problem?Finding a mint, low mileage 993 is not an easy task in California, so I have also considered 49-state cars. In light of the OBD-II problems that were also mentioned in your assessment of this engine, if you were to make a recommendation for my particular situation, would you stay with the 1995 model year instead? I am aware that these cars have the wiring harness recall, the delaminating or creaking glass problem, and no Varioram.Any advice that you can give me to increase my chances of successfully acquiring a fully functioning 993 model Porsche would be appreciated. I have previously owned a 1986 944, 1981 911SC, and 2000 Boxster S. I currently drive and really enjoy my 911 Carrera 3.2 Club Sport. Would buying a 993 be a mistake? Should I wait for the Boxster Coupe?Best RegardsP.S.- The CS is a "keeper".

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