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X51 2001 c4

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Model: 911, Year:2001, Mileage:87,000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Joel, I wrote you in September about my 2001 3.4 C4 engine exploding on the track. I had the engine replaced by a qualified independent we spoke about who you knew and my local Idaho mechanic also recommended in the SLC area. Im not naming names so you don't have to blank out. We opted for a newer reman/new x51 996 engine from Porsche which was supposed to be compatible with a re flash of the ECU with my car. Due to my car being manufactured on the cusp of a model year change it was missing some of the hardware/soft wear to make this a straight swap which was not discovered until after the motor was in. The programer Softronic tuner Scott Slauson replaced the ecu and the programing was redone to make it work. I picked up the car and drove it back to idaho. I have some major issues , and am wondering what the next step should be. I have NOT contacted my local mechanic or any other shop as I knw from experience that the best thing is to let the original mechanic/ shop work on it with out someone else getting involved which only results in finger pointing and blaming the other guy for the problem /issues. I have a few huge problems. 1. My temp gage barley registers any temp-100-105 deg. and the red light by the 250 deg mark flashes when the car is running.2. The engine hunts/ idle is very irregular between 700-1200 rpm when it is started. Sometimes it starts right up then dies. 3. It surges between 3600-3800 rpms up and down.4. My onboard computer reads funky on some of the settings, miles till empty and some of the other functions. 5. I suddenly lost 1,3,5 and reverse gear's. 2,4,6 work fine. I am not driving the car and it is 500 miles from the shop that did the work. Not sure what my next step should be. Thanks for your advice/ suggestions, I just want to get my car running.

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