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Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 13000;

A while back, a member asked about installing an xm radio in a 996 cab. I didn't see his email addy, and would like to see how well he succeeded. I have recently purchased a delphi unit, and have a perfect spot to mount it without doing any alterations to the interior. (I am moving the receiver from car to car) However, I am concerned about where to route the antennae wire. Since it does need to be on metal, and it is only about an inch and a half high, my plan is to mount it (magnetically) just in front of the windshield wipers on the hood. Problem is, how do I get the antennae wires inside to the passenger side of the console? Obviously I will be running the wires down inside the trunk, but where from there? I was hoping the member that asked the question months ago, might be able to help me.

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