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Vehicle Information: Model: 911 T; Year: 1971; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.2 no modifications; Total Mileage: 68,000;

Ed,I just bought the car from my brother in-law as a favor and intend to re-sell it. It has not been run regularly a couple of years. I am trying to tune it up and get it back to form. I am going through all the major systems, brakes, fuel, etc. I have done 356 and 914 rebuilds and maintain my GT3. This is the firt early 911 that I have tackled.I just rebuilt the carbs using a gasket kit from Performance. The big gaskets were more or less the right size so I used them. I had to file the card to manifold gaskets to get them to fit the studs. The fit of the by-pass diaphram gaskets were OK. Most of the O-rings and smaller gaskets were a poor fit. I had to re-use several of the old gaskets for the needles and screw fittings due to size mis-match. I replaced the float needles with the new ones and had to use the old gaskets.When I start up the car, it runs very rough and lean, impossible to tune. I checked the fuel level in the float (new fuel) and I am about 4 mm low. The factory manual says to increase the thickness of the gasket under the float needle to get the fuel level up. There are no other gaskets available from Performance or my local shop. Should I put the old float needles back in? The gasket is the same. I read back through your all of your articles. I am encouraged that you recommend to keep the old carbs for these cars if possible. I do not want to change them. I think that I should also drain the tank and check the gauze filter. I can see the fuel filter (new) and it is full, no bubbles, etc. Where can I get replacement o-rings and the smaller gaskets that are the right size? Suggestions on how to complete the tune?

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