Are backdated cars fated to be returned to original?

Arriving anywhere on the planet in a long-hood 911 makes a statement — first and foremost, that the owner has pretty decent taste. An early 911 is low-key and elegant, a car generally driven by someone with little to nothing to prove. But in 1989, when I bought an Ivory ’72 911S, the only statement that the car made was that I couldn’t afford a new G-body car or an even newer 964.


Convertible Top Side Beading Fix: An Inexpensive Fix For Your Porsche Boxster (986/987) | PCA Tech Tips

Access to YouTube is almost a mandatory tool for Porsche do-it-yourselfers. For almost any repair that you can think of, someone has probably made a video about it. The negative to this is that all videos are not created equal. All too often, I’ve discovered that a repair that seems to take 15 minutes on a video can easily become a three-day repair when things don’t go the way the video said they would.


400 Videos Uploaded. Next Stop, 500!

400 videos! With the next video released on the Porsche Club of America YouTube channel, we will hit a significant milestone. For the longest time, Porsche Panorama was the only form of communication that the club had with its members. Once the internet became mainstream, we used email and eventually a website for communications. However, once YouTube became popular, we decided that creating our own content would be the best solution to economically reach not only our members but to showcase our club to Porsche owners and enthusiasts who had yet to discover the club.

Wheel Alignment 101 | Tech Tactics Live

Join us May 11 for the 49th episode of Tech Tactics Live! This show is all about wheel alignments. We will be broadcasting live from Benchmark Motors where we’ll see an alignment machine in action. Our guest will demonstrate what exactly is adjusted during a wheel alignment as well as what causes a car to go out of alignment. For the live portion, we’ll be taking your questions as well.

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