A Porsche Cayenne is more than a grocery-getter

Last month in Perfourmance News, Panorama Editor Rob Sass stated, “Around the PCA national headquarters, the phrase could easily be this one: ‘The answer is always E1 Cayenne.’ No less than three make their home around the office.” He was referencing the Cayenne as a cheap, DIY friendly, and quite capable SUV, which probably accounts for their over-representation in PCA staffer’s garages.

This Base is an Ace: The V6 Cayenne makes you forget it's an SUV

On the manufacturer’s side, the challenge is in creating a package compelling enough to be worthy of the brand without siphoning too many sales from higher trim levels. On the buyer’s side, there’s a panoply of ego-driven desires and expectations tempered with affordability concerns. Porsche has deftly managed all of these realities with the 2024 base model Cayenne.

10 tools you didn't know you needed | PCA Tech Tips

Regular Porsche Club Insider Podcast listeners are familiar with Vu Nguyen’s (PCA Executive Director) tool time portion of the show. Whenever Vu purchases an interesting tool, he likes to share it with our members with a show and tell. The adage “the right tool for the right job” becomes quite apparent if you frequently work on your own cars. A lot of times, it’s worth it to buy a purpose-built tool for a singular purpose simply for the amount of time it can save.

Porsche unveils hybrid powertrain in new 2025 911 Carrera GTS, plus 992.2-gen Carrera

While showing us the 992-generation 911’s mid-cycle update, Porsche uncovered the most controversial development of the iconic sports car in quite some time: a hybrid powertrain for the new 911 Carrera GTS (and Carrera 4 GTS and Targa 4 GTS). We’re going to focus on the electrified GTS and its T-Hybrid system first before touching base on the other Carrera models.

Five rare Porsches you can buy for $35,000 or less

Porsche prices are generally higher than they were five years ago, presumably pricing some people out of the market. There are, however, deals to be had — not only on regular production Porsches, but also some special edition models. Read on to find out which rare and special edition Porsches can be had for less than $35,000, though most of those mentioned can be had for far less.

Did you know this about your Porsche? | Tech Tactics Live

This was filmed at Tech Tactics East in front of a live audience at the Porsche Training Facility. Rolf Kittlitz, a Porsche Training Instructor, entertained the audience with useful information about their Porsches regarding functions they may have not known existed. From rear fog lights to what happens when you press Sport or Sport Plus to what your Porsche does if you’re in an accident, it’s all covered in this presentation.

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