Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS road car vs. GT4 RS Clubsport: One and the same?

TPC Racing's Mike Levitas gives us the most in-depth tech tours of a 718 Cayman GT4 RS road car and a GT4 RS Clubsport race car, from top to bottom — and underneath. At the end of the video, Mike demonstrates some of the interior functions of the race car in his shop's parking lot. (Professional driver, private lot — owned by TPC Racing.)

The compelling 2024 base model Cayenne

As we’ve mentioned before, prestige brands and their buyers have always had a complicated relationship with base models. Porsche is no exception. On the manufacturer’s side, the challenge is in creating a package compelling enough to be worthy of the brand without siphoning too many sales from higher trim levels. On the buyer’s side, there’s a panoply of ego-driven desires and expectations tempered with affordability concerns. Porsche has deftly managed all of these realities with the 2024 base model Cayenne. 

2025 Porsche Taycan: First Drive Impressions

Porsche invited PCA to drive the company’s new line of Taycans. We were able to drive the base, rear-wheel-drive Taycan; the Taycan 4S Cross Turismo; and the Taycan Turbo S, the latter two of which have all-wheel drive. While this is considered a mild refreshening of the line, there have been significant upgrades to not just horsepower but also range and the speed of recharging.

Planning for a successful future

AS PCA BEGINS 2024, we have a full schedule of events for members to take part in, no matter your interest. When you combine these National events along with the thousands of events that our Regions host, you have the ability to enjoy your Porsche and meet new enthusiasts just about every weekend of the year. That was not always the case, however, with National events.

One show you need to see: Techno Classica Essen

Over the course of the last few months, we brought to you a variety of international events and shows of interest. If your budget or time constraints limit you to just one show to go to, go visit the pinnacle of them all, the German Techno Classica. Held in Essen close to Cologne for 35 years since 1989, the Techno Classica has always been the largest and most impressive of them all. 

Enter the Spring Member Only Raffle: Win a 718 GTS or Macan E!

Each fall and spring, Porsche Club of America opens a member only raffle, in which you, the member, may purchase entries for a chance to win a brand-new Porsche. For the Spring 2024 Member Only Raffle, the first grand prize is a 2024 718 GTS (Boxster or Cayman) plus $25,000. Subsequent grand prizes are a 2024 Macan E plus $25,000. All entries received by June 17, 2024 will be accepted into the raffle. Remember: More entries equals more grand prizes.

Porsches we’re watching at the Broad Arrow Air/Water Auction

The creators of Luftgekühlt have brought Southern California a new curated Porsche experience, one that, as the name implies, is more inclusive while still remaining a very exclusive event. In addition to the show, Broad Arrow is holding a small auction. Here are a few of the cars that piqued our interest:

Ten Reasons Why You Need To Try Autocross | PCA Tech Tips

I was a PCA member for less than 24 hours before I was talked into trying out a sport that I had no idea what it entailed. Autocross or Auto-X. Either way you spell it, I can tell you that you’re only going to have loads of fun. More than likely, you purchased a Porsche because of their reputation for handling and performance. Autocross will teach you how superior these cars are when it comes to nimbly navigating cones through a preset course.

Porsche 997.1 GT3 vs. Aston Martin V8 Vantage: Is it a fair fight?

Damon compares a 997.1 GT3 and an Aston Martin V8 Vantage as the opportunity presented itself during Thanksgiving. Both sports cars were launched in the mid-2000s and cost about the same when new, though the market now pegs a nice 2014 V8 Vantage squarely below $100,000, while a nice 997.1 GT3 probably won’t be selling south of $120,000 anytime soon. With a gulf of about $60,000 between the two on the used car market, does the GT3 make sense?

Porsche 968 Buyer's Guide | Tech Tactics Live

Join us Wednesday, April 3, at 8PM ET, as Vu welcomes special guest Jeff Coe, the PCA 968 Registry coordinator. Jeff is a longtime 968 owner and enthusiast and will help guide us through the model year differences, what to look for when inspecting a 968, what options and colors are most desirable, and what’s it like to live with a 968. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Porsche's final evolution of the 924/944/968 line, this is the episode to watch.

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